Get Better Orgasms

Can you never quite seem to get over the finishing line? Is there just something holding you back a little from reaching your climax. The stories ring true for both men and women a like. Here are some of our top tips and trick to help both you and your partner have better orgasms.

More Friction

Get on top of him. This will put you in a better position so that you clitoris is rubbing directly against his pubic bone. You could even lie back on a pillow. Raising your pelvis will get the female in a better position to enjoy clitoral stimulation as well as penetrative.

Why not introduce a cock ring or vibrator into you bedroom. There has never been a better time to try something new.


Communicate more wile you are having sex. Studies show that men like to be given “direction.” If you dont want to use verbal communication in the bedroom because it feels a bit awkward let your partner moan but giving out a little moan or by using your hands and arms to reassure them that they are on the right track!


This one you can do on your won. You need to learn to to exercise your orgasmic muscles. You should try to do some Kegels. The best way to do this is next time you go to pee try and stop mid stream. this will work the pelvic floor muscles you use during sex. If you do these every day, more than once you will definitely feel a difference sooner rather than later.


The longer you build up arousal then the better the orgasm you will have. Take things slow and let them build up. When things are about to kick into action take it off the boil and cool down. If you do this a couple of times you will find that your orgasm will be much, much stronger for both of you!

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