A Guide To Fetish Sex

Are you looking to spice up your love lie? Have you and your partner been having some discussions recently about some of the things you would like to try in the bedroom? Is there one particular thing you would like to try out but your are too nervous to bring it up in conversation? Well maybe you should give it a go? You never know perhaps your partner is thinking the exact same thing but doesn’t want to be the first to say it either. Maybe your partner has never thought about it before but now they hear it out loud it might be something they would like to try. Fetish sex is nothing to be ashamed off in fact you might be surprised to find out how many couple do it behind closed doors.  Annabelle Knight of Lovehoney says :

“Fetish sex can be a fantastic and exciting thing. You never know what you really like until you have tried it” 

We whole heartedly agree and thy is why we have written up brief guide if you are a complete beginner to fetish sex.

What is Fetish sex?

Fetish sex probably isn’t what you think it is. You might think its all about whips, chains and getting tied up but it is much, much  more than that. It is a way of embracing different types of sex and also live out some of those fantasies you have had in the back of your mind. Things like dressing up are a big part of fetish sex and to the majority of people this would seem like a little bit of fun rather something taboo or too kinky for them.

You might even have a fetish you are mot aware of. For example say you are attracted to a man in uniform. There might a be a little fetish in there somewhere and even more reason you should bring it up and get him measured up for an Officer outfit.

There are four main categories to fetish sex:


Bondage is restricting the movement of your partner for sexual pleasure. It dose not mean that you tie up your partner and pleasure yourself it is quite the opposite in fact bondage involves the pleasure of the “passive partner.” Light bondage would involve feathers, silk scarves and so forth but if you start of here don’t be surprised in a couple of months time if you start using harder stuff like handcuffs and blindfolds. If this tickles you fancy Lovehoney do a fantastic beginners bondage set. You can even use this really handy Lovehoney Voucher Code that we found to save some money.

Role Play

Role play is probably the most practice example of fetish sex. There are loads of different fantasies out there and costumes to help as visual aids. Maybe you would like to see you other half dressed as a maid while you make a pass at here while the “wife” isn’t home. Be as daring as you want to be as long as not one gets her and you keep it legal.

Dressing Up

Dressing up and role play go hand in hand. Role play is just a little bit further into the fetish zone. You can dress up and have sex without engaging in role play but you might find it happens anyway. Remember dressing up doesn’t have to be nurses outfits and such it can be a pair of crotchless panties or even as simple as a pair of stockings. If you are brand new to the idea of fetish sex then this is a great starting point for you and your partner.

Turn Ons

your turn ons are the most important thing when it comes to fetish sex. Annabelle Knight stated:

“Just remember there are no rules when it comes to sex other than the fundamental one: don’t do anything you are not completely comfortable with. Be a ‘trysexual’, be honest with your partner and don’t be afraid to try new things.”

Everyone is unique and your sex life should be the same. Try bringing up some of your turn on’s in conversation and who knows where it might lead.

Simple Tips For Your Sex Life

There are loads of little aids you can keep tucked away in your bedroom for you to use in your sex life. These don’t need to be huge investments or all mod cons. Really simple items that will help spice up your love life. Here are some of the things you should keep nestled away in your sock drawer just incase.


A blindfold is a great thing to keep in your top drawer. Blindfolding your partner can be a great way to spice up a night in.  Taking away the sense of sight from your partner heightens sexual feelings. If you are new to sign aids int he bedroom the a blindfolds is  a great way to get started.


Lubricant is a handy thing to have tucked away in your drawer. It is multi-purpose. Why don’t you have a look at some of the lubricants that are on the market that have other feature. There are some that tingle, some that will make sex last longer and so forth. Well worth doing a little bit if research.

A Silk Scarf

A silk scarf is great because you can sue it more than one way. You can use it as a blind fold which we already mentioned but you can also use it for some light bondage. Try tying your partners hands up and try something a bit different You can also use a silk scarf as a way to tease you partner. Nothing fells nicer on bare skin than silk.



What about having a game you can play and I don’t mean Snakes and Ladders. there are loads of games out there you can buy. Some revolve around rolling dice. Roll the dice to pick a random body area, action and part of your body and let the rest happen itself.



A Guide to Vibrators

If you are looking to introduce a vibrator into your sex life but don’t know where to start don’t fret we have written up a quick guide to getting you started. There are loads of different types and models on vibrator in the market. All with a different purpose in mind. Here is what you should look out for.

Bullet Vibrators

Bullet vibrators are the most popular ones on the market. They are small and compact and built with precision in mind. They are usually around 2-3 inches long and can either run on batteries or are rechargeable. If you want direct stimulation to your clitoral area then this is ideal for your needs. It is ideal to be used during sex or masturbation. The small size means it doesn’t get in the way while having penetrative sex.

Butterfly Vibrators

These are also known as strap on vibrators. You would wear this the same way you would wear a pair of pants. They apply hands free stimulation to your clitoris. Many of this model come with an attachable shaft which can offer external and internal stimulation.

Finger Vibrators

This model is designed to wear on your finger just like a thimble. They give you loads of control and therefore you have the ultimate control over your pleasure. You can either wear them on your finger tip or as a rind and can allow you to enhance your stimulation during penetrative sex without being intrusive or obstructive.

Love Eggs

Love eggs are insertable vibrators. They have vibrating motor built inside them and often come with a remote control. These go directly into your vagina and sit perfectly at your G Spot. The remote control comes with plenty of setting so you can control the vibration you feel.

Rabbit Vibrators

You have probably heard of this particular style of vibrator. These vibrators have an appendage which branches off of the main shaft. This is designed for clitoral stimulation while the shaft is there for penetrative stimulation. Some models include features which alter the direction the shaft moves for a better orgasm.

Role Play Ideas

Have you and your partner been having some conversations about trying out some role play but don’t know where to start? Once you get over the “embarrassment” factor role play can be a great way to spice up your love life so without further ado here are some scenarios you and your partner could act out.

The Repairman

Its a a classic and its a good starting point. Your partner rings you door bell. You great him in your sexy little black night gown and let him in. While he tries to fix whatever household appliance is causing you trouble you lean over the top of him and I’m sure you will know how the rest of this story goes.

It’s all about surprise with this one.

The Call Girl and The Client

This one is a little more daring and you can ramp up the excitement by arranging to meet in a hotel room. One of you is the “professional” while the other is hiring in their services. The best thing about this is you can act out some of the things you might not be willing to discuss in real life. Anything goes except kissing (sound familiar.) Finish the job then head home.

The no kissing rule while drive you both wild.

The Stripper

Either male or female can play the stripper in this scenario (equal right and such.) Start of with a dance and the only rule is no touching. Make it last and don’t just strip down like you are getting ready fro a bath. This one comes with its own embarrassment facto but trust us when it gets going you will be glad you got over it.  This is a healthy and natural scenario to act out and I’m sure you have thought about it more than once.

Get Better Orgasms

Can you never quite seem to get over the finishing line? Is there just something holding you back a little from reaching your climax. The stories ring true for both men and women a like. Here are some of our top tips and trick to help both you and your partner have better orgasms.

More Friction

Get on top of him. This will put you in a better position so that you clitoris is rubbing directly against his pubic bone. You could even lie back on a pillow. Raising your pelvis will get the female in a better position to enjoy clitoral stimulation as well as penetrative.

Why not introduce a cock ring or vibrator into you bedroom. There has never been a better time to try something new.


Communicate more wile you are having sex. Studies show that men like to be given “direction.” If you dont want to use verbal communication in the bedroom because it feels a bit awkward let your partner moan but giving out a little moan or by using your hands and arms to reassure them that they are on the right track!


This one you can do on your won. You need to learn to to exercise your orgasmic muscles. You should try to do some Kegels. The best way to do this is next time you go to pee try and stop mid stream. this will work the pelvic floor muscles you use during sex. If you do these every day, more than once you will definitely feel a difference sooner rather than later.


The longer you build up arousal then the better the orgasm you will have. Take things slow and let them build up. When things are about to kick into action take it off the boil and cool down. If you do this a couple of times you will find that your orgasm will be much, much stronger for both of you!